H-1 Deadline Video MandOR Baru Tidur Jam 5.30??

First reading the title, it must be kinda stressful you think. But no, I enjoy and endure the sleepless days. Kalau dipikir-pikir lagi, we have a month to finish all the uprak yang harus buat website and video. From the very start, I am eager doing this. I’ve put a solid reason to myself why this would be worth it, and yes, the sleepless days are worth it. Looking back, it wasn’t that hectic. The very first week, I work a lot with my friends to build up the concept. Along the way, Christopher Bryan and I worked a lot in writing the english script. It was fun! And cutting the script-though sometimes feel heartbreaking ’cause we really love the lines-was still enjoyable.

Ok, fast forward to the second and third week, mostly I am preparing for ‘uprak IPA’ and acting. The acting part wasn’t as delightful as I thought and I found myself enjoying being the person behind the screen more. I love editing more, though it’s really painstaking. At the end, i’m still well-rounded and healthy, so I don’t really pay attention to the ‘pain’. Video editing feels like a focus therapy and creativity alteration for me. On the other side, it’s also time consuming and draining as if time has succumbed (no it’s not succumbed, it’s just the loop cycle in editing sorts of giving me that feel).

OK, i know it’s weird giving a visualization for this, but that’s my review of 3 very different job I have for these 2 months (based on how painstaking it is)

Thanks to technology and the internet, I could learn a lot in only a day or two. Since I really enjoy scriptwriting and video editing, i don’t have “fail” moments or interesting reactions captured. So here is a bloopers of me dancing for uprak mandor.


3 Replies to “H-1 Deadline Video MandOR Baru Tidur Jam 5.30??”

  1. Matt says:

    nowadays uprak intended to generate world-class editor and web developer

  2. Stevanus Adrien Sanjaya says:

    Video ini bisa jadi karena semua mau berkorban dan bersedia memberikan yang terbaik walaupun kendala selalu ada.


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