The Toughest Struggle, So Far


Jan 30

Me            : "I think i need to start rehearsing the aerobics today"

My mind : "duh, it's easy, just start 3 days before the deadline. It's only one and a half mins, no big deal"

Me           : "ah yes, you're very right. I'm not in the mood either, let's not force the body lol"

Feb 5

Me : Oh well, you're appointing yourself to edit the video, better roll the video today. Better start rehearsing! It'll be real quick.

The day I entry this journal is Feb 5, an hour after rehearsing the moves. Let me tell you, my body isn’t prepared at all. I can’t stop laughing at myself for how stiff I am, let alone watching my sister assisting me to laugh at my silly moves. I am tired by laughing instead of doing the aerobics. It’s not easy at all since I’m not good with moves, though I’m good with the beats. However, I have options.. either I do it “asal-asalan” and put finishing touch later at editing part OR beat myself up for 1 day and a half to perfect my moves.

Yeah, it’s been the most struggle I’ve experienced so far. The other Ujian Praktek don’t tire me out, at all. It’s been sun and shine, unlike this one that’s filled with sweats and laughters. Duh.

For regular high schooler, the moves must be easy. It is consisting 3 popular tiktok dances and several aerobics moves. I don’t make the choreographies so I’m not sure if my guess is right (about the moves). But, I’m not a regular high schooler because I cant remember tiktok dance moves fast. I choose doing yoga during this online school and monotone everyday lives. Months ago, I stopped doing yoga and just restarted recently. Not only that I’m stiff, I’m just not good at following choreographies unless it’s the Pump It Up: Prime 2. HAHA. I play it since I was like 8 years old (9 years ago). In terms of dancing, that’s the closest I’ve ever been with public dancing.

Nevertheless, I am not that complaining.

How can I be complaining when my teachers have been so kind to give us amenities and easiness?? First, we dance in group of 9 and make only 3 minutes aerobic dances. Second, Third, we can edit the videos. I can use the cutting tool, try countless times, or do whatsoever to the video. I do the editing, and I intend to put more effort at that one.

So, dear my kind PE teacher, please respect my editing skill and close one eye to my bad dance moves hahhaa.


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  1. Natasha Celia says:

    In my days, aerobics uprak was super fun. It’s too bad you guys only went through it online. Its true that online aerobics is easier, because at my time we had to do aerobics for around 10 minutes. Some of my friends had hard time memorizing all the moves.


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